Wave Form Remix - The Remix Service Reborn

May 26, 2019



Get ready for the new and exciting life of a concept that was born in San Francisco, California, in the late 1970's. We will soon offer you the best re-mixes of today's dance music in every genre. This is what has been missing for years in all genres of dance music. The lack of these services has stopped international and dance music coming to the USA. No longer!
The lack of these services also stops excellent artists both here and abroad from being heard. This is the old payola game still thriving. Now most of what is left of the major music industry controls the DJ's. In the 90's the industry effectively killed-off any re-mixing. Now they funnel it to the controlled DJ's. 
We can do much, much better than this current era, where all that you hear today is the same few techniques because they are available to anyone. So anyone can put out what they want to call music. They replaced bad talent with the same few electronic corrections. You can hear it and has become the norm everywhere in the USA. It is awful!


That is changing because we are changing it.
We are going to bring new artists and loads of incredible of new & old techniques to the dance club and bars again.
The change is now.


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