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Blue Smoke

building on decades of innovation and creativity

Mortal Focus Media advanced from the elements and roots of media, marketing, music, video, film, and digital creations to become one of the world's best boutique service providers. Mortal Media is a diverse company that is driven by our transforming and progressive spirit. We freely bypass restriction and convention to maintain a sharp edge in the industry and continually strive to move into new sectors from the hyperlocal to the universal.

Mortal Focus Media offers the future of media development to rising and established clients through Complete Project Control that includes audio mastering & post-production, graphic design including 3D modeling, video post-production & music scoring, and image & full media development for film, audio, gaming, and the internet.


Mortal Focus Media's principals have worked with many hundreds of incredible musicians, labels, producers, influencers, and entertainment companies including Mark Isham, New Line Cinema, HBO, The New York Times, Museum of Natural History (New York), Novartis, U.S. Army, Institute of Industrial Engineers, U.S. Air Force, Century 21 Canada, Treasure Island Sound (Hong Kong), Whirlpool, Nina Hagen, Chris & Cosey, Sopwith Camel, Mortal Loom, Riverdance, and Douglas Cuomo (Sex and the City).

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