Founded in 1996 just as the digital revolution in music began, Delvian Records was one of the first independent labels to be invited by Apple to be a part of iTunes. Delvian has always been ahead of the latest movements in music and combines decades of actual experience in every aspect of the music business with an artist's passion and love of the beauty of sound.


Delvian has worked with many hundreds of incredible musicians, labels, producers, influencers, and entertainment companies including Mark Isham, New Line Cinema, HBO, The New York Times, Museum of Natural History (New York), Novartis, U.S. Army, Institute of Industrial Engineers, U.S. Air Force, Century 21 Canada, Treasure Island Sound (Hong Kong), Whirlpool, Nina Hagen, Chris & Cosey, Sopwith Camel, Mortal Loom, Riverdance, and Douglas Cuomo (Sex and the City).


Delvian has worked in all areas of sound from recording studio to cinematic hits including the Blade trilogy. Delvian has also created solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems such as creating a solid nickel record for the Museum of Natural History's time capsule. What makes Delvian capable of all this? Experience, integrity, and the ability to truly listen to the sound and see the vision of our clients.

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