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Blue Smoke

Some Of our clients

The New York Times

Whirlpool Corporation

Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

Capatal Records
New Line Cinema 

Industrial Light And Magic

Institute of Industrial Engineers

Mark IIsham - Blade Movies remixes 

Century 21


Voice Casting Network

Treasure Island Sound (Hong Kong)

Vili Chen Productions (Hong Kong)

Unified Entertainment

Douglas Cuomo (Sex And The City)


Magical Wisdom Store


Mortal Loom

Sopwith Camel

Delvian Records

Sham Pain

Laura Sullivan - Grammy Nomanee 

Gary Boggs

Jamie Sparks

Kicksta Music Group

Michael Kirkbride

Danny O’Flhaerty

The G-Man


2 Blessed Music Group

Deep Secret Records

Fo-Real Entertainment

DE-U Records

Musik International

Mississippi Development Authority

Ray’s Music Exchange

Chris & Cosey

EarthEar Records




Montclair Village Association

(City of Oakland)

Campus Crusade 

Hy-Brasyl Productions

William Paul


Gentle Thunder - Grammy Winner 

The Golf Boy

Buddhist organizations

Vajra Wisdom Foundation


Buddhist organizations

Buddhist Lamas

  Because of our strict adherence to ISO standards, Capitol Records Mastering approved The Mortal Focus Media to complete a rush project for “Out of The Blue”. We will give you the same quality, the same level of service, and it will save you more time and money than you can imagine.

  The Mortal Focus Media worked closely with an employee of Industrial Light and Magic on the successful “Cartianga” CD, a project to save the primates of the rain forest. ILM had to balance a surprisingly small budget with quality, so they came to MFM.

  If you need physical product Mortal Focus Mediamanufactures high-quality standard product below industry pricing, You’ll get much more for less cost!


  Our clients come back to us again and again.De-U Records, a successful label for grade school educational Hip Hop, is producing their 4th music CD. The Mortal Focus Media has always manufactured their projects, and will manufacture this new release as well.


  Hundreds of independent artists and companies each year come to The Mortal Focus Media because our quality is outstanding, our support impressive, our prices competitive, and our turn around times reliable.


Here is what some of our clients are saying:



Client Statement #168 -


Mortal Focus Media is quite possibly the most professional and helpful manufacturing/promotion company I have ever seen. They got involved right up front with our project to make sure it was the absolute best it could be. I have never seen a company that can do all that The Mortal Focus Mediacan, or work as hard as they do, for the same value anywhere. They really are out to help you succeed as a band.


Max J. - NIHM



Client Statement #148 -


We have been using Mortal Focus Media for almost 4 years and they have never let us down. The art department is second to none and their post-production services are superb. This year we will be releasing 4 new CD's and Mortal Focus Media as always are in our plans.

-David Printis - President / CEO - De-U Records, Inc.



Client Statement #128 -


“De-U Records has sold over 30,000 units so far thanks to our world famous street team and the fine work at Mortal Focus Media. We get calls all of the time asking us to try their duplication services but I would not think of making a change.  We have been using Mortal Focus Media for almost 4 years and they have never let us down. The art department is second to none and their post production services are superb This year we will be releasing 4 new CD's and Mortal Focus Media as always are in our plans.”

-David Printis - President / CEO - De-U Records, Inc.



Client Statement #112 -


"The Mortal Focus Media has exceeded all my expectations in their quality, creativity, integrity, pricing and professionalism. I am very impressed with their services through every aspect of my CD release including mastering, graphic design, manufacturing, full scale promotional services and distribution. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them on my next project!"

-Laura Sullivan



Client Statement #88 -


"Thanks to everyone at The Mortal Focus Media. Mortal Loom has sold over 10,000 CDs in the first 6 months. Your promotional and distribution services are great! We will always be working with you.

- Adrian Quay of Mortal Loom



Client Statement #76 -


“Just wanted to write a quick note regarding our CDs. They arrived in good shape and everyone in our group has been impressed with the quality of the product. The graphics turned out great and the audio is exactly what we expected! We also have received many positive comments from people who have received a CD. We were thrilled that there were no surprises or errors in the design when we opened the first box.”

-Brian Bickford for By Faith



Client Statement #48 -


"I am happy with my choice, and the staff helped me through my first CD project brilliantly!"

-Matthew Gonzales of Bone Tree Records.

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