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Candle Burning Ritual

Love Spell Oil

1/4 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Patchouli

1/4 part Rose

1/4 part Vetiver


Combine all four ingredients with the strong intention to draw love. Anoint and light a light-colored candle with this oil while visualizing the love you desire. 

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Home Blessing Spell Bottle 

Gather and combine in roughly equal amounts:

– Rose Petals
– Lavender
– Chamomile
– Jasmine
– Brown Sugar
– Dried Pomegranate Arils
– Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
– Dandelion Root
– Strawberry Leaves
– Rose Quartz Tumble


When assembling the ingredients in the bottle repeat their affirmation as much as possible:

Affirmation: This home and all that reside here are blessed and protected by Hestia herself and the Divine. No harm may be done here. Love and abundance prevail.


Don’t have a spell bottle or quality herbs? Please contact us for a wide selection!

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