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Weekly Cards

The Sun: 
Represents the safe return from inner peace through the mysteries of the moon. The Sun brightens any negative cards no matter where it appears. Represents increased inspiration and productivity. Whatever you undertake at this time is likely to prosper for The Sun is shining on you.

The Sun.jpg

Symbolizes opposing principles and the mystery of karma and rebirth. The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence. You cannot keep taking without giving back. Any moment you experience a deep calling, grab it and stop the suffering. Every little bit counts and remember whatever you generate creates karma. You will always have karma good and bad. Control it and keep your priorities in order or it will come back over and over again. Stop the negative karma. 


The High Priest: 

This card in no way indicates or represents the esoteric church, but the secret teachings that lead to enlightenment. Indicates the ancient truth that without a teacher or master to show you the way, a student will never reach the end of the path. Be willing to learn and see things from alternative perspectives. If you are not united you will not learn the hidden laws governing the universe. 

High Priest.jpg

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