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The Gate DJ Remixing Catalog

It has been a long time since the day of the re-mixing services. They were the ones that made the dance floor and other venues hot. Now, it is mostly controlled by the majors. ( That should tell you something ) The Gate catalog was 15 years ahead of the time. Music professionals still use the older catalogs because there is music on them that is hot and will never age.

We are proud to offer to professionals the back catalog of The Gate Re-Mixing Service. Re-mixing styles DJ's still can not do. The catalog is fantastic with 16 measure intros and breakdown endings as well as valleys and a non-drifting BPM. These are very important to the person spinning. Because you can get in and out of the re-mix easily and with many places to do so.

The re-mixes are not full of tacky and distracting noises and disruptions in the music. Music is to be heard not railroaded into a complete mess. Well, that was because the engineers that produced these tracks were educated in music for at least 4 years.

Check it out

F. Troy

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